Getting to Grips with Governance

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Good governance is a necessity for organisational success. It is increasingly being demanded by funders, regulators, and partner organisations. But what is Governance?


This workshop introduces you to the concepts of governance and the practicalities of creating the conditions, structures, and culture requirements to establish Good Governance. Governance is about doing the right thing as well as doing things the right way. Governance impacts on all parts of an organisations, management, operations, and delivery. Good governance enforces accountability, transparency, credibility, and trustworthiness – all of which are important to stakeholders.


Those attending the workshop will gain a clear understanding of what governance is and how to establish Good Governance. You will understand why Good Governance is considered so important by external stakeholders and how Good governance helps you to create a successful, sustainable, and scalable organisations that delivers positive social change



December 9th, 2021 11:00 AM through  1:00 PM
Zoom online "Training"
United Kingdom
Phone: 07377502474
Phone: 020 7923 1962
Event Fee(s)
Event fees
HCVS member - Micro (less than 10K) £ 20.00
HCVS member - Small (less than 100K) £ 40.00
HCVS member - Medium (less than 500K) £ 60.00
HCVS member - Large (Over 500K) £ 75.00
Members of THCVS, Redbridge CVS, Voluntary Action Islington £ 40.00
Non-member of HCVS £ 75.00