Writing a fundraising application

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This introductory course to fundraising will help those who are new to fundraising and have little experience or confidence in writing fundraising applications. This training session will provide you with the basics in writing fundraising applications.


Course aims 

This course aims to give participants the skills necessary to tackle small fund applications in line with their aims and desired charitable outcomes. 

The course will cover 
• Why we fundraise 
• How to analyse and tackle a fundraising application 
• How to research available funding 
• Planning the application 
• Presenting the desired outcome as a winner 
• Monitoring and evaluation 
• Records and budgeting 

Learning outcomes 
Participants will:  
• Learn how to match funders to charitable work 
• Understand how to assess the practicality and deliverability of the funders requirements 
• Gain knowledge of how to complete the application form strategically 
• Know how to monitor outcomes and report effectively 

January 20th, 2022 11:00 AM through  1:00 PM
Zoom online "Training"
United Kingdom
Phone: 07377502474
Phone: 020 7923 1962
Event Fee(s)
Event fees
HCVS member - Micro (less than 10K) £ 20.00
HCVS member - Small (less than 100K) £ 40.00
HCVS member - Medium (less than 500K) £ 60.00
HCVS member - Large (Over 500K) £ 75.00
Members of THCVS, Redbridge CVS, Voluntary Action Islington £ 40.00
Non-member of HCVS £ 75.00