How to Diversify and Maximise Income for Your Organisation

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Many small and mid-size not-for-profit organisations depend on grant funding. For many there is a reluctance to diversify the sources of income. This is because grant funding is familiar and that other sources are unfamiliar. Responsible grant funders encourage organisations to explore the alternatives to grant funding. This workshop will introduce the growing alternative of other sources of support and funding.



Participants will understand the alternative sources of income and support that they may be able to tap into. They will understand the pros and cons of each. They will also better understand how to create a portfolio of funding sources which will improve future resilience and sustainability.

February 10th, 2022 11:00 AM through  1:00 PM
Zoom online "Training"
United Kingdom
Phone: 07377502474
Phone: 020 7923 1962
Event Fee(s)
Event fees
HCVS member - Micro (less than 10K) £ 20.00
HCVS member - Small (less than 100K) £ 40.00
HCVS member - Medium (less than 500K) £ 60.00
HCVS member - Large (Over 500K) £ 75.00
Members of THCVS, Redbridge CVS, Voluntary Action Islington £ 40.00
Non-member of HCVS £ 75.00