Working for a Fairer Society.

We are focused on tackling inequalities in Hackney and the City, working with community groups, charities and voluntary organisations to help residents.

We do this in many different ways – we provide advice and training and we also act as a bridge between the public sector and local community groups, allowing them to influence how the public sector does its work. Examples include:

  • Through Hackney Giving, our local giving scheme, we have funded 135 community organisations in Hackney and the City of London since April 2020, via 269 grants, worth more than £2.2 million. We have distributed funds from businesses, individuals and the public sector.

  • Through our Neighbourhood Forums we facilitate an opportunity for people living, working and providing services in the Neighbourhood to come together in large cross-sector community meetings. Each Neighbourhood includes four to seven GP practices who work as part of a team of local services to coordinate health and social care in the community to improve the lives of local residents.

  • Through our networks, we bring voluntary and community groups and charities alongside decision makers to develop strategies to support residents, particularly those who are vulnerable or disengaged.

We have many other programmes and projects, making a difference to people across Hackney. Visit our website to learn more.