Privacy notice for content that features you.

We want to help spread the word about the good work that happens in Hackney. So thank you for telling your story/agreeing to be in photographs and letting us use this content to encourage others to take part in their community.

We want to make sure that you understand what you are allowing us to share, and therefore would like to formally gain your consent.

Please read through this notice carefully to make sure you understand what you are consenting to. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Communications Coordinator, Martyna Glowacka: | Tel: 020 7923 1962

Please note that this notice can be used if you are the parent or guardian of either someone under the age of 18, or a vulnerable person and are granting consent on their behalf.

What are you being asked to consent to?

This form allows Hackney CVS and our funders to use image(s),film(s) and/or sound(s) that we create that features you to promote Hackney CVS and our funders (‘Our Work’).
Therefore, by ticking the box on the event registration form you give your consent for us to:
(i) record, use, disclose and publish your name, image (photo and or film), physical likeness and what you say either in audio, film or written forms (your voice and sound) in our promotional and media activities (‘Content’).
(ii) pass the Content onto selected partners and third parties.


Where might it appear?

We use a range of ways to publicise our work. Therefore the Content might appear in one of the following:

• _printed publications;

• _marketing campaigns;

• _online platforms such as our website and social media channels;

• _audio-visual materials, electronic materials and any other media; and

• _our partners, funders and our supporters.

Please be aware the list above is not exhaustive.


What about your data protection/ privacy rights?

In line with the General Data Protection Regulation, your rights when we create content that features you, include:

·          the right to be informed about who is collecting and processing your data

·          the right to withdraw consent. At any time you can ask us to delete content we have created that features you, as well as your contact details.

Hackney CVS is the data controller for the personal information (content we create that features you; and the contact details you have supplied).

The legal basis for collecting and processing this personal information is on the basis of the explicit consent you have provided.

If you wish to withdraw consent, please contact: Hackney CVS: The Adiaha Antigha Centre, 24-30 Dalston Lane, London E8 3AZ.


Copyright and publicity

By giving your consent you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

• _Payment: You will not receive or request any form of payment or royalty from us for the Content you feature in.

• _Intellectual property rights: You will not have any intellectual property rights to the Content.

• _Storage: /Hackney CVS will store the content featuring you, and your contact details securely within the EU.

Please note, if you are giving consent on behalf of a child or vulnerable person, you confirm that you are the parent, legal guardian or authorised legal representative of this individual and have the lawful authority to sign this consent form for and on their behalf and that you have read and understand these terms and conditions and consent to the individual providing their Content based on these terms and conditions.


Should you write and inform us that you wish to withdraw consent, Hackney CVS will cease all further publication and sharing of the content featuring you; advise any selected partners and/or third parties whom we shared the content to also stop using it. We will also delete your contact details.